They were very nice knees.

The woman in the conference room turned and he saw her in profile. She wore a brown blazer over a turtleneck sweater and her lighter brown skirt stopped just above her knees. They were very nice knees. He knew who those knees belonged to.

Granddaughter of a city pioneer. Daughter of a big-time, if shady, gambler. Miss Helldorado 1957. Champion horse jumper and barrel-racer. Major figure in the town’s social scene. Involved with all the local charities and causes. Two lucrative divorces behind her. Now married to the Casbah’s genius.

She hung up the phone and smiled at him. Heber smiled back. The pictures in the newspapers didn’t do her justice.

As the spring publishing date for “Joey’s Place” draws near…

It’s hard to think of a better New Year’s gift than this pre-publication comment by L.A Times best-selling author, Robert Ellis: “Joey’s Place reads like a labor of love — Vegas style — with the weight of the world spinning round and round on a roulette wheel stacked with bullets. I couldn’t put it down.” Be sure and check out his author page at the link above.

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The more things change…

1978 Caddy

… the more they stay the same. Here’s an interesting almost contemporary story about limo drivers and their clients. It’s tied to a pitch for Robert Pattinson’s new film, “Maps to the Stars,” but the anecdotes bring back memories of the late 1970s for me. Sounds like things aren’t much different than the days when I drove a “Southern Rock” star all over Los Angeles as he searched for some “blow.” When he finally found it, it wasn’t very good but, as he said, “It’s better than what we had before, because before we had nothing.”


“Joey’s Place” to be published by Moonshine Cove…

I am pleased to say that my Las Vegas crime novel, Joey’s Place, has been accepted by independent publisher, Moonshine Cove Publishing, with a scheduled release in early 2015. Moonshine Cove’s publisher, Gene D. Robinson, his editors, and I will be spending the next few months preparing revisions and planning promotions. When our final draft is completed we will be offering copies for review. The work will be available in multiple e-book formats as well as paperback.

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L.A. LIMO TALES available at Createspace…

limotalescover_with_textFor those who need the feel of paper, this short story collection is now available at

It can also can be found on Kindle at


From its Kindle version reviews….

As I read the stories, I didn’t find myself reading words from a Kindle screen, but living in the world of the stories. They’re very well written, with characters that live before your eyes, and plenty of comedy.

Human. Real. Funny. Deep. Strange. Great 70’s ambiance. Need more tales about Max, his coworkers and clientele – I hope there will be more to come.