“Joey’s Place” three day sale on Amazon.com, June 4-6…

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I am pleased to announce that Joey’s Place can be purchased on Amazon.com for the special ebook price of $1.99 on June 4, 5, and 6. I hope that those of you who read and enjoyed the book will recommend this special offer to your friends. If you have not read it, June 4-6 is your opportunity to buy this crime novel set in old Las Vegas at a discount. You can find it at this link.
I would also like to thank the many readers who have contacted me. I appreciate your kind words.

“… Joey’s Place reads like a labor of love – Vegas style – with the weight of the world spinning round and round on a roulette wheel stacked with bullets. I couldn’t put it down.” – Robert Ellis, L.A. Times best-selling author of City of Fire, The Lost Witness, The Dead Room, Murder Season, and Access to Power. [Don’t miss Robert’s upcoming novel, City of Echoes, available for pre-orders now.]

From its reviews:  “Nelson has created a tightly documented yarn which, through the eyes of a broke down cop, wends the reader through a melancholy, dark noir atmosphere depicting crime, corruption and the unexpected at every turn.” … “Having lived in Las Vegas during the 70s, the author took me right back there by painting a picture with words. I felt like I was witness to the corrupt cops and crooked casino bosses.” … “Thoroughly researched, tautly constructed and well plotted.”

Pick up your ebook copy on June 4-6 at Amazon.com.

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